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What is sleep? Why is it important?

   Snoring and sleep apnoea pathophysiology - what is the risk to health?  

Methods of screening and diagnosing OSA


Interpretation of sleep studies and reports


Recommendations for OSA treatment

  OSA treatment options overview  
  CPAP treatment including an initial consultation demonstration with a patient  
  Types of oral appliances, mode of action, efficacy and compliance compared to other treatment options  

Impact of the nose on SDB

  The role of surgery in treating OSA  
  The role of imaging  



Thursday 17 OCTOBER 2019


Clinical steps for oral appliance therapy


Overview of oral appliances



Integrating dental sleep medicine into your practice

  Side effects - minimising and managing  
  Residual symptoms despite use of MAS - what are the options?  
  Combination treatments  



Bruxism / TMD and the link with OSA


Phenotypes and targeted therapy


Methods for predicting success


Sleepiness - assessment and causes


Titration of appliances in a sleep lab


Paediatric OSA and orthodontic therapy


The sleep physician / dentist relationship

  Medico legal / accreditation   

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